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Atlas Intelligence Review

I will Tell you a Atlas Intelligence App secret today formally, I will tell you the largest nine secrets I have for trading profitable … Well Well, they are not really secrets, but nine important things I do them personally or you’ve made before and helped me to become a trader better, unfortunately, there is no secrets for making money from Binary Options Trading market, but there are things you need to do because you are most likely not do, and that will increase the likelihood of becoming a trader is successful, so and so as not to dwell upon you, here are nine secrets that are not known to many people for successful trading in the Binary Options market:

1) Choose one way of trading and make them clear and easy, and not wasting your time in trying to understand the 15 Atlas Intelligence indicators spread over the surface of the graphic screen like a piece of abstract art. The truth about the Wealthy Wheat Trader trading strategies is to find one with a high probability of profit in the market is not that difficult, but if exaggerated the complexity confused and do yourself in the process, you’ll expect yourself serious damage to your trading account. Focused with me, that the trading strategy should be clear and should be effective as well, but at the same time should be of the utmost simplicity that even a child in the age of five can be absorbed, and I’m serious about what I say.
The trading method that you use for many years is the price movement strategy (self-evident right), it’s easy, efficient and flexible, it does not take a lot of time to understand or apply, if you want to trading mastery you can choose one of the trading strategies on price movement and learn how to trade whereby in all market conditions.
Let’s say for example you choose to learn the coffee bar model in the beginning, and the best way to learn this model is it negotiable from key levels within the market structure of an uptrend or downtrend, do by this first, and make sure your success in achieving profits for three consecutive months or more to trade using This Atlas Intelligence strategy only before moving on to something else.

2) Sign your positions and follow certain quality of written plans, that’s what I mean expectation of your position is that you making sure not to rush to enter the market or Freak out without any prior cause. You should always be sure of reliance on logic and objectivity in doing, not recklessness and emotion (like the rest of most traders) so it should be all key levels are drawn in front of you on the graphic display, and suppose you mastered trading using the price movement, then you can refer your back to back and waiting for the model form at the main level in the market. This so-called “priority in the procurement” to your positions … instead of entering random and out of the market, you are monitoring the pre-defined areas of the market and wait for the price movement models even formed near them, and as soon constitute your deal model, is planning to enter the deal, and the intervention of the purchase and sale order target and profit, and leave the hard part remaining on the market, and go to play, “billiards” or otherwise and I’m serious about this, do not sit down and think about the deal remain after entry, stop and think a little bit about maybe check some money from the markets.

3) Record your transactions in a note even maintains a permanent record written to the level of your performance, I can tell you with certainty how important Trading History memorandum, only to say that if you do not keep your record of trading or The APL Bot at least analyze the history of Atlas Intelligence APP Trading curve net balance regularly, it is quite unlikely that realize a steady income from the market in one day.
The actual update to record trading in the Binary market process will help you keep Anillatk and your organization, and this is part of the positive trading habits that are of the utmost importance for a trader to a successful long-term development, I do not care if you believe that the updated your record is boring at the moment and stop grumbling and Begin to do what you know that you should do to become a of successful, and I can assure you that you that lose the time on the organization and efficiency, you will not profiting money they want from the market at all, you are in need of access to Atlas Intelligence Trading record regularly even see something tangible reflects your ability or A.I Atlas Intelligence Software for trading, and this will work on being with in the foreground.

4) Do not listen only to what it tells you the graphs screen, because it reflects everything! That’s right, movement of price without extras, screen graphs without indicators, reflect all the variables that affect the movement of the market, so do not get stuck and preoccupied with analyzing economic news and watch the channel “CNBC” Economic news, only learn to read graphs screen and then later Leave price action determine trading decisions, not what people think Analysts in television programs. And do not trading what you think it will happen, just trading what you see is really going on in front of you on the charts screen, what I mean by this is that just because you think that the euro / US dollar will rise does not mean it is already that he will rise, what you think has no effect Movement on the currency pairs in any market of markets, all that matters is what it tells you the market index on the charts screen, so learn to read charts and trading in which instead of other external sources.

5) Do not covet or else will not bring any benefit at all. Greed may be one of the most common reasons for the failure of most traders. The late “Rene Raڨkin”, a broker and trader popular in the Australian stock market has a belief about the Old Greed says: “I leave a bit of money for the rest of the traders,” These are some tips on how to avoid that overcomes you Greed:
• Select the target before entering the deal – Yes, it’s true, we should have a goal in your head before entering the deal, it is best to appoint the exit point before entering into the deal. The exit process is not an exact science. In some times be a deviation from the initial discharge his plan, but you should always decide before the deal enters what is the ideal you out Atlas Intelligence strategy and then seek to comply with that plan as much as possible, do not change you exit strategy once you start your trading process just you think that the deal will continue in your favor forever, Ptgerha, and only if you have a very clear reason is due to the movement of price in doing so.
• Never put the stop loss point away from the opening point of the deal – and what I mean by this is when you enter a transaction in the market may begin to move immediately in the opposite direction that in your favor, do you move the stop loss point away from the current market price, or You keep it in place? It is clear that the only logical disposition is to accept your loss and keep stop loss point where you previously set, though as many traders are sending me messages of an e-mail telling me where they did move the stop loss point out that they have now lost a very large hanging do not know how to behave in it. Answer to the question is that you must accept that the big loss because you did not accept a small loss … always accept small loss not to move the stop loss point away from the entry point of the deal.
• landslide logical to accept the profits – if achieved acceptable profit by 1 to 2 risk to earnings and there is no apparent reason to try to change the stop-loss order, then in any case then reap the profits! The deal and do not leave just hanging just because you happy for the continuation of the market move more in your favor, he promised to the ground and be aware that the market waves ebb and flow and the market most likely will move against you quickly to continue the movement in your favor if they achieved it already profit up to double the size of your risk.
• Only change the position of the stop loss when the transaction is continuing to make a profit – I’m trying to change the position of stop-loss only then if the profits of more than one and a half to risk size and be the deal during the skyrocketing trend or a clear break is likely to continue to overcome the resistance level. Does not begin to move away from the subject of stop-loss just to deal quickly moved in your favor in the first ten minutes from entering the deal. Give some room deal until you grow up and breathe, Valtdol such as garden you should give him some time to grow trees and taste the fruit.

• Do not live on hope – hope favor to look at it a catalyst for greed. Traders often in hopes that their transactions continue to move in their favor forever, or hope to be able to move the position of the stop loss even slightly away from the place, even regain their profits again. Although the hope is absolute Hamid in all areas of life, but it is trading in the Binary Options market may cause you to do things that are not characterized by wisdom and rationality will destroy your trading account.

6) shown some courage, because trading was not created for the faint of emotion or cowards. This is true, if what lost five consecutive transactions remain crying and sobbing, then forget is to become a trader. Do not trade unless you have the money you can lose, the matter with the utmost simplicity. You may lose money when trading, it seems that a lot of traders forget or overlook that fact. So should not you trade with money make you deal with every Atlas Intelligence transaction as if it were a matter of life or death, you do not care that much if they lost one of the deals, because one transaction can not be determined in the future should be trading. The trader, your success is the result of many months of trading, not just for a month or two. Do not take you both enthusiasm if they won one of the transactions or series of transactions, but maintained skillfully acted like a mature professional minds rather than acting like a young school kids when they win $ 100 dollars. Should be strong to become a trader successful in the Binary Options Trading market, and even focus and trust in yourself, there is nothing wrong from a little bet in one of the trades if you are confident, but keep in mind that this does not recommend it unless you are confident that 100% of proficiency strategy trading already .

7) does not change the way your trade, stick to it, put your trust in them, because all methods of trading will be the losing trades and losing periods. So do not panic and flee when Tkablk some loss-making deals, and instead you should stand up and bear it, and make sure you continue to use your strategy and you are using one such as price movement be simple, logical and proven effective with time.
The method of entry randomly depending on the ballot metal currency may likely bring more money from a trader follows three different ways of trading and still looking every day for the Magic Wand. In fact, the magic wand for the long-term success … is the commitment and confidence in him something … and do not hesitate when the opportunity overlooking her head.

8) Make sure your ability to sleep at night because if you suffer from not being able to sleep because of your trade, it means that you have risked large sums. Do not risk taking the size of the center know that it is too big for you, because you will then certainly psychologically preoccupied with this transaction, which will cause you to not being able to sleep and become more edgy. Not to mention the condition of the nervous stress and aggressive risk resulting from large amounts will make your spouse or room guys probably want to kill you or send you to the mental clinic.
Should calm down and relax … The market is not going to depart his place, we must deliberate on the financial center size you can deal with it psychologically, and no amount cause the collapse of anger and temper every time the market moves in your favor is by a point or two. If you find yourself doing a night of sleep repeatedly to check out another offer on your computer or mobile device, “iPhone”, you know you are busy trading. Some people run the risk of large sums of money out of excitement and enthusiasm, others out of stupidity or greed, and whatever the motive, make sure you run the risk of a reasonable amount, but not the amount of makes you put your hand on your heart from fear, and no amount makes you fall asleep on your desk in front of your computer screen!

9) always gave some reward for yourself, because if you did not do it someone else will do? When check some money from the market should be rewarded yourself, do not you re-invest all Rbanh in a desperate attempt to increase the size of your trading account to no end. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we have entered into circulation in the market to make money even bought some things, whether it’s a house or a car or seeking to buy your freedom from a job, you will never buy something if they kept all your money in your trading account. Reward yourself, this will help you to find the motivation and the motivation and the development of positive trading habits.

And now has divulged the secret and you know you became nine secrets of profitable trading, there is nothing standing in your way only fear and lack of motivation. So move on the spot and drank some coffee or do what you want, but if you actually diligence in the application of these nine tips, you’ll see a marked improvement in the performance of your trading.

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